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The Perfect Way Of Engaging Your Customers

You have to engage potential customers quickly and effectively. In fact, your content has about 8-10 seconds to catch attention. SpeedThen you have about 90 seconds to retain this attention, presenting your products and services to your customers.
Ribbon How do you do that? Shape Invent
Content-icon Sure you don't force your customers to browse your website through for the information they might need. People simply don't have that much time for long reading.
arrow Spitch.Me offers the solution – a custom Explainer Video that is vital for your marketing and eventual sales.
For a customer, 8-­10 seconds is enough to click and check out a video.
so tell us your story!

Why does your startup need a great video?

You need to tell people about your products and services. Your startup can't afford losing a customer. You must be easily accessible on both desktop and mobile. Your content must be easy to share. You need to increase conversion rates. What do you get with a memorable animated video?

Build An Emotional Bond

People make purchases emotionally and reason them logically. A creative and entertaining explainer video builds this vital emotional bond with your target audience. This also leads to brand recognition.

Engage And Excite Customers

Smart and creative videos engage viewers and warm up the wish to watch further. We know how to create them for you. Engage, excite, and build people's confidence in your brand.

Illustrate The Goal Of Your Product

While texts can be interpreted in different ways, videos are perfect at clarifying and simplifying the goal of your product. The sooner and better you show the effective solution to your customers' problems, the better are the chances they will prefer your product over any competitor.

Expand Your Presence

An explainer video is easy to share across social networks; it increases your rankings and search visibility on search engines and social media. This is the visual identity of your startup that is spread around the world. Viewers love recommending and sharing videos.

Integrate A Video With Your Marketing

A video tells a story. Spread it using landing pages, social media pages, newsletters, other channels – this video easily becomes an essential part of your marketing.

Boost Your Sales

Videos make people want to stay on your website or social media page. When the interest is combined with relevance of what you offer, the emotional part, and a call to action, people are much more likely to make a purchase.
You need a great Startup Pitch – we create one for you!

What type of video is perfect for you?


Cartoon Video

A cartoon video is a fun and engaging way of presenting your business to viewers. Make a great story. Make your customer the leading character. Make yourself a sidekick who helps them overcome their problems quickly and easily.
3D Video

Overview Video

A Product Overview video sometimes doesn't need any words − it just shows your product or service in action, thus being able to seduce the viewer with its beauty, simplicity, and convenience in solving their problems.
Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Video

In a whiteboard video the content gradually appears right before the eyes of the viewer. This is a perfect way of visualizing a complex process and explaining it in a straight-as-an-arrow way. You simply lead the viewer along it.

Infographic Video

An infographic video is the perfect way to present plenty of facts, numbers, and their comparisons, engaging viewers more and more with each next one, finally showing them why you are the best possible choice.

How do we create videos for you?


1. Script

We document the structure of your video in text.

2. Storyboard

We use the script for pre­visualization of your story and its elements.

3. Voiceover

The delivery depends on a great voiceover that is properly placed along your video.
Visualization & Animation

4. Visualization & Animation

All the visual elements are finalized. All the creativity in graphics is brought to life by our design wizards.
Music & Sound

5. Music & Sound

These help to enhance your message and motivate customers' emotions.
Completion & Launch

6. Completion & Launch

We finalize your video and pitch it back to you. Now you can share it with the world!

But why should you pitch your task to us?


Various Types Of Explainer Videos

We create various types of explainer videos for you:
Whiteboard video, cartoon video, 2D and 3D video, infographic video, and much more!

Dedicated Project Manager

You get a dedicated project manager who is responsible for delivery of a great product. This person will always be ready to guide you through the whole process.
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable pricing – a project can be done at 1⁄3 of traditional costs with the same quality – we know that startups need to distribute budgets wisely!
Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Your video can be adapted to all the languages you require for effective foreign coverage. People will be glad to know that you care about this.
If you happen to be unsatisfied with our work, we'll return your money. But that's not going to happen, because we work for 100% satisfaction!
Just contact us and see! We have lots of delighted clients. We are easy to work with, and our support team is always ready to consult you online.

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